Discards Of Civilisation

Discards of Civilization

Discards of Civilization is an open project picturing rubbish  in water.

Subjects were found in different corners of the planet, both in countries boasting about their conscious and environmentally friendly policies and not.

The photographs' descriptions only indicate the nature of the water - fresh or seawater- and the shooting technique, in order to assert a civil and universal message, rather than a  political one.

Fresh Water I, Digital Compact Camera
Salty Water VI, Analogic Camera
Salty Water X, Analogic Camera
Sea Water I, Analogic Camera
SeaWater III, Analogic Camera
Fresh Water II, Digital Compact Camera
Salty Water V, Analogic Camera
Fresh Water III, Digital Compact Camera
SeaWater II, Analogic Camera
Salty Water VI, Analogic Camera

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