After a childhood lived in different cities of Italy, I moved to Rome where I took up Classical Studies.

Living in Spain and Turkey, I graduated both in Anthropology at the University of Bologna and in Digital Photography at the EFTI, Madrid.

Now I am  based in Amsterdam and I  shoot on  films and digital.

I work as a freelancer photojournalist, visual anthropologist and for perfomances, festival and events.

I am a scuba diver and  I have high insterest in environment protection,  visual representatation of pollution and  climate change.

From Photo to Action, Infozon Center, Riva of Split (Croatia) -May 2015

Spoleto FestivalArt, Spoleto (Italy) -September 2012

La vita postuma del Madagascar, Galleria Sottopasso della Stua Padova (Italy) -May 2012

La vita postuma del Madagascar, Sala Borsa, Bologna (Italy) -April 2012

La vita postuma del Madagascar,, Alma Mater Bologna (Italy) -December 2011


Colori su smog, Individual Exhibition Caffè dei Pittori, Rome (Italy) -May 2010


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